Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Construction Going on

okay, so some of my links in my old blog posts are going to be messed up for a bit!
i am transferring my photo hosting to smugmug!! thats really exciting news, that means prints will be able to be purchased and my site will be far more organized. so i am keeping flickr for stuff i want to post to forums and stuff, so i am purging it right now, thats why the links wont work. bear with me, everything will be in order in a few weeks!!
check it out:
take care!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

new year! new gear

its 3 weeks into the new year! 2009, crazy stuff....the states has a new president as of today!! thats really good, glad to see bush out of there and am very interested in what obama is going to do for the country. we need someone like him up here in canada! lets see, what else is new, i am getting married in a couple of weeks in jamaica!! i am super excited about that. my son is now officially a year old as of december 27th, cant call him a baby anymore, now he is a toddler. he is very close to walking on his own and is imitating so much (he can wave now!!)

hope the holidays were good to everyone. they certainly were for me. my soon to be wife was, as usual too good to me! she got me a bunch of nice clothes, and a lowepro primus AW camera bag!! from the rest of the family i got about $450 in gift certificates to my fave camera shop. so after much deliberating, i went to the store on boxing day, and bought a whole bunch of stuff:
  • SB-600 speedlight
  • mc-dc1 cable release
  • nikkor 50mm f1.8 lens w/ uv filter
  • sto-fen omni bounce for speedlight
  • spare 4GB sd card
that should tide me over for a bit, dont you think?
i LOVE the lens, its barely left my camera since i got it. such a quality difference from that to the kit lens. and the razor thin DOF is very fun to play with. the flash is also amazing and opens up all sorts of possibilities. dayna really wanted me to get it after i borrowed my dads and she saw the pictures, everything is so bright and vivid. if you take a lot of indoor shots, i highly recommend it! a big step up from the little built in flash.

i am going to set up a proper website soon with a image gallery and whatnot. a couple of friends were looking through my images and found the layouts of the flickr page and blog a little busy/confusing. so i will probably keep this page for writing about whatever and have the other site as a means to purchase prints and look at what i am currently working on! i know its not much now, but its hard to get out all the time, plus its friggin cold here now. i went out the other day to shoot this shot:

sun setting over traintracks

and nearly froze my fingers off! plus i dont have winter boots so my shoes were full of snow. oh well, i got the shot and it turned out as i wanted :)
i also got the chance to play around with light painting the other day, this is something i have been wanting to do for awhile but never got around to it! so dayna was out with a friend and the little man was asleep so i went to the basement and experimented a little.
here is a couple of shots i thought were cool:

well, thats all for now, i am off to bed! have to work tomorrow ugh...why cant i just win the lottery??

oh and just one more quick thing!! i sold 4 of my pictures last week!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was getting a little discouraged to be honest, but yah, 4 pictures!! they are on there way here from the print shop, i am super excited... btw, i am happy to sell any of my pictures as prints, so please buy some :D

phew that was long winded!! good night