Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Been working on my Gallery page

Hey everybody! long time no talk.
things have been crazy around here! new work hours, my sisters wedding in a couple of days, laziness, etc.

but i have been working hard on getting lots of new stuff onto my gallery page. i also lowered the prices about 10-15% for prints in honor of this whole page getting up and running and all that!

so feel free to stop by and check it out, see the contact page if you want to get in touch me! also, leave comments and feedback, i always love hearing some constructive criticism or if one of my pictures caught your eye! here is a few of my faves so far:

black and white leaf, red viens

Dew drop covered Rose

cascading water droplets

thats all for now!
i plan to be working more on this page now that i have my gallery customization pretty much where i want it, so i can now focus on doing some of those things i talked about a long time ago on here, ie: reviews, techniques, etc.

okay, its off to bed, enjoy the pictures and take care

till next time

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

things are looking up :)

Hey everyone!
so i just got back from jamaica a few days ago! i had a blast! the wedding ceremony was amazing! i took about 600 pictures while i was there, and i am quite happy with a lot of them!
since i have been back, i have been working hard on my smugmug page (looky here). there is more photos being added quite frequently. so please check it out, and let me know what you think! feedback and critiques are always welcome (constructive of course).

also, my beautiful wife bought me a cokin circular polarizer as a wedding gift :) very excited about that, it came in handy on the beach!

well, i have to go to work now, so i will leave you with a shot of us from our wedding to make you all jealous!

see ya!!