Monday, March 23, 2009

added a few new pictures

hello! so my weekend was quite busy. friday was a write off seeing as i just got off the overnight shift. saturday we went to a friends house for dinner and ate a lot of food and hung out with the kids! sunday, we got our dog trained by "Barkbusters". It worked out quite well, and we are seeing a big improvment!

i did get some time to work on some pictures though. we will get to them in a minute. but first, i sold 2 more prints!! thats really good news and i am really happy to see my work go up on more peoples walls!

i also ordered a Nikon BR-2A reversing ring to tide me over until i get a macro lens :) once it arrives, i will post some pictures up for all to see!

without further adieu, here are the 3 new pictures i put up last night!

spider building a web


forest fire as seen from plane

'Scorched Earth'

long exposure of steam from a factory

'Venting Spirits'

Hope you enjoy, as always, if you pop by the gallery, don't be shy and sign the guestbook or leave some comments! i always love to hear from you!

see ya next time!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New pictures will be up this weekend!

Hey all,
just wanted to give a quick update, i am working on some new pictures to add to the gallery this weekend! so stay tuned, i will add some links once they are up!

nothing else is really new, my lovely wife got me these a few days ago, so i am playing around with them, i think will make some neat effects with macro photos, water drops and other things.

i am also planning to get an infrared filter soon as well. i have been able to reproduce the effect in post processing sometimes, but i want the real thing :)

in the future, when i upgrade to a new body, i will keep my d80, and get it modified for solely IR use!! but thats a long ways off, unless i win the lottery or sell a lot more prints (hint hint :) )

anyways, i have to work tonight (ugh) and there is lots of cleaning to do around the house, and i need to work out!

also, my condolences go out to the family of my Si-Kung, Grand Master Sunny Tang (Dunn Wah) of Scarborough, whose mother recently passed.

take care everyone

Sunday, March 15, 2009

An update

Hey everyone, so i have had a pretty busy couple of weeks...we went to toronto and dunnville, ontario last weekend to visit my grandmother and my uncle! we had a really good time as always! There is a link in the sidebar to his blog "talking about cancer" that is a very good read. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 7 years ago, he thought he got rid of it, but it came back again. The worst things always happen to the best people. He is such a strong person. it really makes you think about the important things in life and that would be family, friends, and just making the most out of everything.
My aunt and uncle were generous enough to invite us back for a few days around easter! so that will be fun. and that weekend is also my wife's birthday, so it will be a good time. anyways, i am off now, i just got home from a night shift, and need to eat! hopefully there will be some new pictures uploaded to my gallery later this week! stay tuned

to my uncle doug, you are an inspiration! stay strong, we love you very much and will see you soon!


Monday, March 2, 2009

some new pictures up!

hey all!

as you may have noticed, the layout of this page is ever changing. i am trying to match it as closely as possible to my gallery pages so the transition is barely noticeable. i think it is coming along nicely! i am getting a lot of help from Denise Goldberg (website here) who is an avid poster and blog customization expert at Dgrin (the Smugmug users forum). So thanks again Denise!

Well, i have put up some new images to my gallery! a few in the 'Landscape' page and finally a couple in the 'Break from the Norm' page.

be sure to check them out!

an old stone building

'No Escape'

large tree in IR

'Tree of Life'

Morning mist over the lake


Enjoy, and talk to you later