Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A CGP update

Hey everyone!
So again, I am starting off my post with a "it's been awhile but...."

I will leave out all the details, but suffice it to say, things are a little crazy around here. My wife is 2 months away from having another baby! Haven't had much time for anything other than getting the house ready, nursery etc, and preparing for the little guys arrival.

I have taken a few photos here and there. Haven't had a chance to process them yet due to moving my office to another location. But there is some macro ones and a few landscapes in there. I tried out a new rig for my close ups, reconstituting a Stroboframe Camera flip bracket. It worked out pretty well, once I get to the shots I took using this I will post a shot of the setup as well.

I also have been researching a bit about night sky photography, including shots of the Milky Way. I have been scouting locations online and found this handy site that will give you an idea of light pollution in your area: The Dark Sky Finder

I found a few places I would like to go to check out, probably next year though. I need a faster wide angle lens as well, which I do not have at this time :)

I have been playing with an old Nikon F1 as well. I love it. I have some shots developed, but not scanned. I am looking into investing in a negative scanner, as getting them printed in a lab is far too expensive.

Let's see, what else is new. The new season of Fringe is starting in a few days. That is exciting! If you don't watch it, I suggest you check it out! Also, Dexter is back this coming Sunday. And a new show is premiering on halloween that I am really excited for, AMC's "The Walking Dead"!!

So good stuff is going on all around! Stay tuned for those shots I talked about and more updates later on!

Take care,