Sunday, May 31, 2009

a couple of shots from the new lens!

Hey everyone,

so i am totally in love with my new lens :)

i will give you a little rundown on my initial impressions;

1. the lens is built like a tank! its hefty (but not too much), seems to be made of metal, has a rubber seal at the end. the manual focus ring is very smooth and damped

2. focusing is fast and very quiet and spot on

3. images are super sharp and the color is perfect

4. lens hood is very high quality

i would like to write a full blown review at some point, maybe in the next few weeks!

i just ordered a 52mm to 62mm coupler, so i can reverse the 50mm on the front of this lens for greater magnification. that should arrive soon (i hope)

so in a few words, if you can spare the extra money, this lens is by far worth every penny! i have always believed you get what you pay for, and this glass is proof of that! 5 out 5 stars :D

here are a few shots i have taken, there is many more, but we are in the final stages of planning the reception and we have to get everything ready! once its all over, i should have some more time to make more posts :) thanks for reading, till next time!


detail of a dandelion puffball


perfect purple flower

'Nothing Else Matters'

detail of the inside of a dandelion


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am lucky, oh so lucky

Okay, just a quick note :)
sooo, got my birthday present today. My amazing, beautiful wife set up a fundraiser and pooled the money together and got me a.........

Nikon 105mm f2.8 Macro Lens!!

holy crap

this is my holy grail, i have wanted this lens forever now, and i actually own one, i cannot believe it! i will post some pics up real soon! i took about a million today just trying it out.

i want to thank all those who contributed! especially Dayna! Love you xoxox

the beast jr 02

the beast jr

thats all for now! i think i will get some sleep, seeing as i have to work all day tomorrow. although i would love to be out shooting with this new amazing glass...ah well, another day!!

take it easy!


Monday, May 25, 2009

whats new?

Hey everyone!

so, whats new, you ask? well, me and dayna have been pretty tied up getting things together for the wedding reception! its coming up fast!
in 2 days i will be turning 26! thats pretty exciting :)

i have been reorganizing my gallery, to try and categorize the images. i thought i finished the other day, but i asked dayna to go through it, and she noticed it was a bit too much! so i changed it again, i think i have got it now. its in a constant state of tweaking but its fairly close to where i want it!

hmm, what else. at work the other day, they brought a photographer in (Blair Gable) to shoot the plant and some people working for a promo. you should check out some of his stuff on his site, very good portraiture and photojournalism stuff there!

i got around to putting a couple of new images up on the gallery.

'Rise and Shine'

droplets on a purple flower


more drops on a different purple flower


a large bumblebee

'Slow Drip'

a water drop about to fall

'Swirling Daydream'

blue sky with clouds

I have more black and white landscapes i did a few ago, i will put them up later!

I am off to go read a book, Dayna just got me this for my birthday 'John Shaw's Business of Nature Photography'

see you later!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

making some changes!

my site is being revamped, so the images are moved around and some of the links in this blog will not work! bear with me :)