Thursday, August 13, 2009

under construction again!

Hey everyone!
So (story of my life) I have been super busy this summer! With lots of work, lots of trips to Toronto to see the family, a trip to a cottage etc etc!

I have been taking pictures, but i have not uploaded that many! Finding the time to spend post processing is increasingly hard this summer. I have about 100 images to get through and upload to the gallery!!!

If you have tried to visit the gallery in the last couple of days, you will notice its not there. Rather, it is there, but it is password protected. It will be back, I have just locked it out for the time being so that I can make changes to it without people seeing it until its complete.

So asides from that, there is not too much going on :P

I am shooting a good friends wedding in September, and I have a gig doing some shots for a local companies website and advertisements. More on that later! So things are looking good right now.

Stay tuned for more updates, and follow me on twitter for up to the minute (when I remember) stuff. I also will be sending the occasional picture from my cellphone to 'TwitPic'. Usually of clouds or a sunset or something that catches my eye when I don't have my dslr.

here is few i have posted to twitpic so far

Pot of gold on Twitpic

Ominous clouds over wal-mart on Twitpic

My new cell phone is pretty nice! Maybe I will do a short write up on it in the near future! It's a Sony Ericsson C905A from Rogers. With an 8 megapixel camera on it! Its no D80, but in a pinch its pretty good, and I can make phone calls with it too :)

See ya later!