Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here are a few shots I have been working on

Hey folks, so I finally got around to getting some processing done, here are 3 new shots I have uploaded to the gallery

'Braided Branch'



'Heavy Sky'

I recently was fortunate enough to inherit my fathers Nikon F1 with 2 lenses (thanks Dad!), so I have been playing around with that. I have some film that needs to go get developed (4 rolls from my Diana camera, 2 rolls from the Nikon F1, and 1 roll that I found that is really old and have no idea whats on it). I will scan any good shots and post them up.

My lovely wife also bought me a Zone IV modified Soligor digital spot meter off eBay! It is awesome and I have been using that as well to apply Ansel Adam's Zone System to my pictures. Really fun stuff :)

I am going to write about going back to a film camera soon, and also include a little blurb about the spot meter! Until next time