Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finally uploaded a new shot

Hey folks,
So as the title says, I uploaded a new shot to my gallery. It's nothing too crazy, but I was testing out that new B+W Neutral Density (1000x) that I got awhile back.

This is at the same place I have some other shots of from last year. It was kind of a gloomy day, but I like the way it came out in black and white. This filter allowed me to hold the shutter open for 77 seconds in the middle of the day :) It gave a nice effect on the water and the locks in the background. I am anxious to try this out on some cloud movement as well!

BTW, I just looked on my computer, and I have a ton of images I have to process. It seems I have been falling behind! I am still shooting when I can, but just not getting around to going through them on the computer. I will slowly get through them, and will update here when I post up new (ish) ones.

Oh, and I caught a bit of a documentary on Ansel Adams on TVO the other day. Really interesting stuff! I am going to try to track it down to watch the rest, you should look out for it if you want to hear some of the back story on a legend!

See you around!