Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Olympics! and other stuff :)

Hi everyone!
So its almost March, the Olympics are in full swing, and hopefully the snow is on its way out.

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on whats happening in my world. Hmm, where to start...hah! There really is nothing too much going on right now! Busy with the family as usual. Work as well.

I have gotten some of my films back from the developer from my Diana camera, you can see them here: link

I also received as a gift, a B+W ND 1000x filter! Which is a neutral density filter that cuts out 10 (yes thats right!!) stops of light. So what this means, is that I can take super long exposures in the brightest of days if I want to smooth out water or cloud movement, or even make a busy street seem devoid of life! I got this filter in 77mm thread size, I do not have a lens with that large of threads (yet) so I had to get an adapter off ebay that would allow me to attach the filter onto my 52mm threaded 18-55 lens. The reason I did this was because in the near future, I plan on purchasing the Nikkor 10-24mm or the Tokina 11-16f2.8 lens. I am still on the fence about which one I want. But they both have 77mm filter threads.

I also got a focusing rail! I am really looking forward to trying that out soon on my test subject, a dead dragonfly :) I am going to use it to hone my focus stacking skills and for taking technical shots at high magnifications of tiny things!

I recently did a job for a client where I needed to take pictures for a brochure for a fitness machine the client had invented. It forced me out of my comfort zone of nature photography and threw me headfirst into shooting a model and controlling light sources and all that exciting stuff. It was really interesting, and I enjoyed it, the pictures turned out great as well! I learned a lot from the Strobist website in my preparation for this assignment. Thanks for making all that valuable info available to everyone!

Well, I am still planning on doing that write up of my Diana camera (I know, I know, I said that a month ago). Bear with me here, it will get done soon. Maybe now that I have written about doing it twice now, it will make less prone to forgetting about it again. Whoops!

Take care everyone, talk to you soon!