Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to send out a quick note wishing you all a happy holidays and a wonderful new years!
I hope 2010 is going to be another great year for everyone :)

I am back off to toronto for a few days to spend christmas with my aunt and uncle!

Look for new and exciting things from me in 2010, including snowy pictures, my (mis)adventures trying to figure out my printer (still) and some other cool stuff I am sure!

This year went by so fast and a lot happened with me and my photography stuff. Well, just in general actually! My son is going to be 2 in a few days, I got married in Jamaica, I have a photo on a book cover(!!), and I got a new car! I am sure there is other stuff as well.

Well, I should stop procrastinating and get to sleep, since I have to leave at 6am for toronto!
Here is a little photo of my son helping decorate the christmas tree!

Be safe this holiday!
See you in 2010

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Wolf at my Door

Hi everyone!
I have some great news!
My Uncle Doug has been writing a book about his battle with prostate cancer and it is now finished and available for sale! The book is titled "The Wolf at my Door". Here is a brief blurb about the book taken from the publishers website:

When Doug Gosling was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at the relatively young age of forty-nine, it was the beginning of an incredible journey of profound discovery. As he says, “I came to realize that cancer was really two diseases in one; a physical disease of the body and also an emotional disease – a cancer of the mind, if you will.” In The Wolf at my Door, Doug engages us in a deep and open discussion of the two faces of this deadly disease. His incredible story has relevance to people with any type of cancer and, equally, for those who love and care for them.

Click here to check out more on the book and purchase it directly from the publishers site. You can also view his blog "Talking about Cancer".

I have known about this book for awhile now, and when the time got closer and closer to it being completed he approached me with an idea for the book cover, and having seen my photography work, he asked me to create the book cover. At first, he wanted just a picture of a door, then it evolved over time to including many elements digitally added in. Including a shadow of a wolf, and scratches on the door itself from the wolfs claws.

I was honored to be given this opportunity and immediately started scouting locations. I remembered visiting old historic site near my hometown when I was younger and thought it might have what we wanted. So I packed up the camera and the family and drove to go check it out. Well, I was in luck! We found an amazing old door that fit almost exactly with what Doug had described. I framed my shot and snapped a bunch of images. I processed the image soon after and printed a draft copy and sent it to him. He called me as soon as he got it, and said that it was perfect! We were both really excited and quickly began work on the fine details. Here is the image before any manipulation.

Okay, so that's it for now, a little teaser if you will! This weekend we are having a book launch party in Toronto for friends and family. Doug will be signing copies of the book and I will present a time line and progression of the book cover, from concept to finish! When that's done, I will post it up here as well so you all can see the changes the cover went through.

Thanks again for your support! I am very excited to have this book released, and can't wait to read it!
Happy Holidays everyone


Thursday, November 26, 2009

My new toy

My new toy
Originally uploaded by supervillain1
Here is my new printer, I am in the process of setting it up now! I am very very excited about it!
I will post with more info later on!!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Here are some shots from my creepy day in Gatineau

Hi folks!
Finally got around to processing some of the shots from Gatineau a few weeks back.

So as I mentioned in my last post, it was a lonely and foggy morning. I tried my best to capture a sense of atmosphere and eerieness! The first 2 pics should show that, then the last one is a waterfall that I followed all the way up to the top of the trail!

So I plan to do a write up about the adventure at some point, when I get all the good shots processed, I will either do it here, or on my gallery!

Oh and I bought a new car last week! I picked it up on friday, its awesome!
Here are some pics :)

See ya!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Had an eerie adventure today!

Hey everyone!
So I finally got out to Gatineau Park this morning! It was a perfect morning and day! Not too cold, very atmospheric. There was a thick fog for the majority of the morning and it was just the kind of atmosphere I wanted to capture. My mood lately would not have been suited to bright sunny pictures :)

Anyways, here is a shot I took from my phone, not the best quality, but I will post more later on!

This was shot in gatineau park, quebec!  This is from my phon... on Twitpic

Thanks and stop by soon to see more!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lost Forest

Hey everyone, just a quick little post to let you know I am still alive :)

I was driving to a clients to shoot some pictures and I passed this little pathway. I didn't have time to stop on the way, so I made it on the way back and hoped the light was still good. Although not as good as before, the sunlight was still ok! There was a lot of falling leaves and I tried to capture some of them, but in the shade it was a little more difficult to increase the shutter speed and keep my ISO as low as possible.

I plan on going out on a day trip to Gatineau Park to shoot some more landscapes. It seems like awhile since I have taken any shots for myself!

See you around!


Friday, October 2, 2009

It's October!!

Hey everyone!
Been awhile since I have blogged :) Let's see, what has been going on with me lately? Well, I have been working 2 jobs! My normal job making ethanol, and I got job taking photos for a local company for their website and some printed adverts! It is very exciting, and it's really nice to get a taste of the business side of things! More on that later on, when the job is done :)

I also was the photographer for my good friends Jess & Chester's wedding at the end of the September. It was a lot of fun! I was a little leery about it first, I am used to shooting nature and candid shots of my family and stuff, so this was definitely a new experience for me.

Luckily, they were on the same page as me when it came down to what style they wanted their wedding shot in. I am not one for too much posing and neither were they. They let me work in the background and pretended as if I wasn't there. They also want the majority of shots in black and white!! We all know how that made me feel :D :D :D!!

I ended up renting a lens for the wedding shoot, because the reception venue was pretty dark. I rented a Nikon 24-70 f2.8! It was amazing! Really heavy and built like a tank as well. The pictures it takes are spectacular, I would recommend this lens to anyone! It's a bit pricey though. I didn't think it was going to be wide enough on my cropped frame sensor, but it was perfect! I don't think it left my camera the whole day, asides from a few shots here and there! It was a little sad when I had to bring it back to the store the next day, that's for sure. Again, I am going to put up some shots from that lens soon as well, once I have processed the wedding album for the couple. I will also give a report on the flash brackets I used for the day and the excellent 'Demb Flash Diffuser Pro' that I bought and love!

hmmm, I knew I was missing something! My lovely wife bought me a christmas present! I ruined the surprise though :) The mailman delivered it, I happened to be home that day and answered the door. The package happened to be ripped right where the product name was on the box!! So I ruined christmas this year. She was a little upset to say the least. But, I am even more so the luckiest guy in the world! She had bought me a "Canon PixmaPro 9500" printer!! It is amazing!! It's not hooked up yet, it is huge and I need to clear out some room before I install it.

Well, that's all for now! I must go to bed because I have to work all weekend! But definitely stay tuned for some more updates and pictures, and some product write ups!!
Thanks for reading!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

under construction again!

Hey everyone!
So (story of my life) I have been super busy this summer! With lots of work, lots of trips to Toronto to see the family, a trip to a cottage etc etc!

I have been taking pictures, but i have not uploaded that many! Finding the time to spend post processing is increasingly hard this summer. I have about 100 images to get through and upload to the gallery!!!

If you have tried to visit the gallery in the last couple of days, you will notice its not there. Rather, it is there, but it is password protected. It will be back, I have just locked it out for the time being so that I can make changes to it without people seeing it until its complete.

So asides from that, there is not too much going on :P

I am shooting a good friends wedding in September, and I have a gig doing some shots for a local companies website and advertisements. More on that later! So things are looking good right now.

Stay tuned for more updates, and follow me on twitter for up to the minute (when I remember) stuff. I also will be sending the occasional picture from my cellphone to 'TwitPic'. Usually of clouds or a sunset or something that catches my eye when I don't have my dslr.

here is few i have posted to twitpic so far

Pot of gold on Twitpic

Ominous clouds over wal-mart on Twitpic

My new cell phone is pretty nice! Maybe I will do a short write up on it in the near future! It's a Sony Ericsson C905A from Rogers. With an 8 megapixel camera on it! Its no D80, but in a pinch its pretty good, and I can make phone calls with it too :)

See ya later!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Need more magnification!

hi everyone,
so since i have been using my macro lens (which i am stil in love with!) i have been dabbling with greater than 1:1 magnification. i have done a lot of research into the various ways to this. close up diopters, extension tubes, reversed lenses, bellows, teleconverters, etc.

it can be pretty overwhelming and confusing sometimes! As you may remember, before i got the macro lens, i was using a reversed 50mm 1.8d on my camera to achieve 1:1 magnification. albeit at the sacrifice of all the automatic functions of the camera, and working distance! but it worked and was a lot cheaper than a macro lens!

well, now that i can go to 1:1 with all the auto functions and a little over a foot of working distance, i wanted to experiment with more than life size! i spend awhile researching methods to do this and decided on using a combination of a reversed lens and extension tubes. well, i don't actually have the extension tubes, but i am able to reverse my 50mm on the end of my 105mm macro for roughly 3x life size (as far as i am concerned)

I went this route because it seemed to be the cheapest (teleconverters are pricey), have the best image quality (diopters can have a degrading effect on IQ, extension tubes have no optical elements, the nikkor 50mm f1.8 is a quality lens), and have the most potential for portability (try handholding your camera with a bellows attached to it!)

what i wanted for this to work:
-a 52mm to 62mm male-male coupling ring to thread onto the front of the 105mm (62mm filter thread) and the front of the 50mm (52mm filter thread) so i can attach them together.

-this leaves the rear element of the 50mm exposed at the front of your rig, so i was trying to think of ways to DIY a cover for the end of the 50mm involving a rear lens cap that i was going to cut the center out of and MacGyver a UV filter on the end. but i wanted instant (relatively) gratification, so i did some poking around online and found that nikon of all people make something specifically for this!! the Nikon BR-3 has a fitting to attach to the rear part of your lens, and then it has a 52mm filter threading on the other end so you can attach a filter over it, thus protecting the sensitive bits of your reversed lens! i found one on ebay pretty cheap and it works great, although it does cut down your working distance a smidge (more on that later)

-then i just used my flash bracket i made up a while ago (see older posts) and made a soda can diffuser thanks to lordV at dgrin (directions here)

so i was setup. here is a shot of this monstrosity i have created (it will be bigger when the extension tubes come around :) )

the beast 01

if you click and go to the flickr page, look at the full size and you can see the BR-3 on the front with the filter on it protecting the rear element!

well, now its time to take some shots to test it out!
first of, a shot of the millimeter markings on a ruler.

ruler test
so there is about 8mm shown across the whole frame. so according to the internet ;) to determine magnification by photographing the millimeter markings on a ruler, you; divide the width of the sensor of your camera by the amount of millimeters in your test photo!
so sensor width of a nikon DX dslr is 23.6mm, divide that by 8mm and you get 2.95! so just shy of 3x lifesize :D cool! lets find a bug or something

off i go to the backyard to go crawl around in the grass! here is a little sampling of what i found:

this is one of those dandelion puffballs. the brown stalks are the stems of the actual white wispy parts that fly through the air, and the holes are empty spots where the wispy things used to be (very scientific i know)

Dandelion Parachute ball close up 01

Here is the same dandelion, from a different angle, really showing off the detail of the wispy parts stems (i need to figure out what they call those things)

dandelion parachute ball close up 02

there seems to be a theme here! this is a different dandelion, this one with all its wispy's intact. and covered in water droplets!

dandelion wispy parts with water drops

Sorry about all the dandelions, we dont really have much of a garden, so all we have is an abundance of dandelions :)

Finally a little creature to capture. i found this fellow enjoying a meal on the bricks of our house.

s jumping spider snaking on a mosquito

see a 100% crop here to see the details of the eyes, its amazing!

So, a little on depth of field (how much of the image is sharp). the above images were shot with an aperture of f/16. for landscapes and such, that would usually suffice to render a large part of the image sharp. but at this magnification, its not good enough most of the time, especially when shooting bugs. for the most part, you should attempt to get the insects eyes in focus, unless you are accentuating a particular portion of the body. i managed to do this in the spider image, but you lose the rest of the detail because of the lack of depth of field.

so, to combat this, i am trying to perfect my skills of 'focus stacking'. this is taking multiple exposures of the same shot, but each shot focusing a little farther into the image. you then take all these exposures and you combine them in a program like helicon focus, combine zm, or zerene stacker. the dandelion wispy water droplets picture above is a focus stack of about 3 or 4 frames. i only have a trial version of helicon focus, but it seems to give the best results. combine zm is good and free, but the final stacked image is only 96dpi, which is unfortunate because free stuff is always better :). zerene stacker i just heard of, downloaded it (its still in beta), but i wasnt too pleased with the results, i was probably using it wrong, i am going to try again in the next little while.

**edit** i forgot to talk a bit about working distance! with the normal macro lens, it will focus at about 12 inches in front of the lens at life size magnification. with the reversed lens on the front, i have about 1-2 inches give or take (have not taken an official measurement yet!), and with just the reversed 50mm directly on the camera body, its pretty similar, a few inches. so, for shooting bugs with the macro lens and reversed lens combo, you have to be reeeeeeeeaaaal slow in your approach. i suggest practicing with a non living object, moving in and out of focus so that you get a feel for where that sweet spot is! and as always, although it takes a bit of practice, i suggest manual focus the majority of the time! then you can focus the shot by moving swaying your body back and forth slowly and hitting the shutter at the precise moment you are in focus (of course :) ). i am going to use some electrical tape and tape my cable release to the flash bracket next time i go out and that will probably help out too. also i am going to experiment with mirror lockup, any tiny movement can throw your focus off by a lot!

and, don't get frustrated!! i have a ton of images i have deleted because the focus was off by a hair (literally). it takes a lot of practice, i am still perfecting my technique and am nowhere near as good as i want to be :)

alright, so i didnt intend to type so much, but i guess i get excited when talking about this kind of stuff because its so fun and i still get blown away when i look at a shot of a tiny bug that takes up my whole computer monitor and seeing all the insane details :)

well, thats it for now! i hope this was informative and helpful to anyone wondering about increasing magnification beyond life size! if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line!

i will leave you with a cool shot i took a few days ago, called 'i heart you'

heart shaped leaf with dew drops

Saturday, June 13, 2009

spider eating some lunch

here is a 100% crop of a spider :) this was with my macro lens, with a 50mm reversed on the front! i will be making a post soon with more pics!


Sunday, May 31, 2009

a couple of shots from the new lens!

Hey everyone,

so i am totally in love with my new lens :)

i will give you a little rundown on my initial impressions;

1. the lens is built like a tank! its hefty (but not too much), seems to be made of metal, has a rubber seal at the end. the manual focus ring is very smooth and damped

2. focusing is fast and very quiet and spot on

3. images are super sharp and the color is perfect

4. lens hood is very high quality

i would like to write a full blown review at some point, maybe in the next few weeks!

i just ordered a 52mm to 62mm coupler, so i can reverse the 50mm on the front of this lens for greater magnification. that should arrive soon (i hope)

so in a few words, if you can spare the extra money, this lens is by far worth every penny! i have always believed you get what you pay for, and this glass is proof of that! 5 out 5 stars :D

here are a few shots i have taken, there is many more, but we are in the final stages of planning the reception and we have to get everything ready! once its all over, i should have some more time to make more posts :) thanks for reading, till next time!


detail of a dandelion puffball


perfect purple flower

'Nothing Else Matters'

detail of the inside of a dandelion


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am lucky, oh so lucky

Okay, just a quick note :)
sooo, got my birthday present today. My amazing, beautiful wife set up a fundraiser and pooled the money together and got me a.........

Nikon 105mm f2.8 Macro Lens!!

holy crap

this is my holy grail, i have wanted this lens forever now, and i actually own one, i cannot believe it! i will post some pics up real soon! i took about a million today just trying it out.

i want to thank all those who contributed! especially Dayna! Love you xoxox

the beast jr 02

the beast jr

thats all for now! i think i will get some sleep, seeing as i have to work all day tomorrow. although i would love to be out shooting with this new amazing glass...ah well, another day!!

take it easy!


Monday, May 25, 2009

whats new?

Hey everyone!

so, whats new, you ask? well, me and dayna have been pretty tied up getting things together for the wedding reception! its coming up fast!
in 2 days i will be turning 26! thats pretty exciting :)

i have been reorganizing my gallery, to try and categorize the images. i thought i finished the other day, but i asked dayna to go through it, and she noticed it was a bit too much! so i changed it again, i think i have got it now. its in a constant state of tweaking but its fairly close to where i want it!

hmm, what else. at work the other day, they brought a photographer in (Blair Gable) to shoot the plant and some people working for a promo. you should check out some of his stuff on his site, very good portraiture and photojournalism stuff there!

i got around to putting a couple of new images up on the gallery.

'Rise and Shine'

droplets on a purple flower


more drops on a different purple flower


a large bumblebee

'Slow Drip'

a water drop about to fall

'Swirling Daydream'

blue sky with clouds

I have more black and white landscapes i did a few ago, i will put them up later!

I am off to go read a book, Dayna just got me this for my birthday 'John Shaw's Business of Nature Photography'

see you later!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

making some changes!

my site is being revamped, so the images are moved around and some of the links in this blog will not work! bear with me :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Making use of an old flash bracket

Hi there!

just some updates:
first, i have surpassed 1000 visitors to my gallery page! :D :D :D if i had have known who was the 1000th visitor, you may have got a prize...
second, i built something cool out of an old flash bracket for macro photos!

i got the brilliant idea from the macro guru over at DGRIN, Lord Vetinari!

basically, you take your flash bracket, buy a cheap ball head at your local camera shop, and get some 1/4" bolts. then, i had to drill a hole in the top of the flash bracket to put the bolt through, i then attached the cheapo ball head to the top of the bracket. my sb-600 came with a tripod hookup, so i attached that to the top of the ballhead, then attached the flash to that, allowing me to swivel the flash around and point it in front of the lens! this cost me about $25 to do. my flash brackets handle got in the way of the bolts a bit, so i had to do some 'dremeling' of the plastic to make it fit, but it worked out wonderfully!

please forgive the quality of the images, i whipped them up in a few minutes just to show off the rig :)

i will post some test shots that i took with this beast after the weekend, i am working for the next 3 days so i wont be doing much shooting! but the weather is turning out for the better, so i will be able to find some bugs soon! *fingers crossed*

stay tuned!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Nikon BR-2A Macro Reversing Ring

okay! i got an exciting thing in the mail the other day!
a nikon br-2a macro reversing ring!

for those that have not heard of this, it is a metal ring with a 'f mount' connector on one side, and a 52mm filter thread on the other. this allows you to reverse mount a lens onto the camera, effectively turning any lens into a macro lens, capable of 1:1 magnification. they suggest using a normal lens 50mm or so, a prime lens is ideal, also if it has an aperture ring, it makes life a lot easier.

i ordered from ebay, and it arrived from hong kong really fast! i had read online about ways to make one, involving an old uv filter, a lens body cap, epoxy, a dremel tool etc etc. i did not have the motivation to do this, and i wanted something a bit sturdier.

the br-2a is all metal and nice and chrome looking :) it was a little stiff to put on at first, but with a little coaxing it got on there. once you mount it on the body, then you just thread your lens on it like you would a normal filter.

here it is! nice and shiny

nikon lens cap and br-2a

A shot with my 50mm reversed on the camera!

first impressions:
-very fun! i went around my house taking pictures of light switch screws, peeling paint, nick knacks, and other random stuff. there is a ton of different subjects that open up to you when you can shoot like this.

-lighting is a bit of a problem. when the lens is mounted like this, metering doesnt work, and the flash needs to be set manually. after some playing around, i was able to get the best results with the lens aperture set at f/8 and the on board flash at 1/16 power. any smaller aperture and it gets hard to see the image in the viewfinder, and depending on the image you desire to take, you can go larger on the aperture, but DOF is super shallow as it is, and you may end up grossly overexposing the shot! but the fun thing about it is experimenting :) i did mess around with my sb-600 off camera, but it was really hard to hold the flash and stay steady with the camera. so until i can modify my flash bracket, thats a no go! luckily the on board flash is suitable for the time being (albeit a little flat)

-focusing takes a bit to get used to! seeing as i never used a proper macro lens before, it took a bit to get the hang of focusing with this shallow of a depth of field. basically you set the lens at infinity, then move the camera back and forth to focus. once you do it a couple of times its all good. as i mentioned earlier the DOF is so shallow, even breathing can put you out of focus. i am going to play around with mirror lock up and using my cable release once i get the flash bracket done up.

all in all, i am loving this little gizmo. i could go around my house all day finding wierd and wonderful little things to shoot. and its a blast to look at the details you can capture once you view the pics on the monitor!

for post processing these images, usually i will bump up the clarity, then sharpen in photoshop.

here are some test shots. these were taken the first day i got it, and i had no regard for composition, lighting, subject etc. these are straight out of the camera, only resized in lightroom:

final impressions:
-neat little thing to have in your camera bag! very cheap alternative to a true macro lens. but with that being said, if you are serious about macro photography, i would recommend spending the money for a true macro lens. for insects and living critters, with a reversed lens, you need to be really close to focus, this could scare them away. for flowers and still life subjects, this is an okay setup, but still, metering and ttl flash support is pretty handy, and you just dont have it with this.
all in all, i like the extra versatility this gives me, and it will for sure tide me over until i get my nikon 105mm VR (!). i have plans for that lens when i get it as well :) i am looking to get a full set of extension tubes, then use the 105mm vr, then reverse the 50mm on the end of that! it should be crazy :D

well, i hope you enjoyed my little review! and here is one final shot i took yesterday of a sluggish housefly on my windowsill. i converted it to HDR because i thought it was a little bland in its original state (which you can see here)

an ugly housefly

take care everyone!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

added a few new pictures

hello! so my weekend was quite busy. friday was a write off seeing as i just got off the overnight shift. saturday we went to a friends house for dinner and ate a lot of food and hung out with the kids! sunday, we got our dog trained by "Barkbusters". It worked out quite well, and we are seeing a big improvment!

i did get some time to work on some pictures though. we will get to them in a minute. but first, i sold 2 more prints!! thats really good news and i am really happy to see my work go up on more peoples walls!

i also ordered a Nikon BR-2A reversing ring to tide me over until i get a macro lens :) once it arrives, i will post some pictures up for all to see!

without further adieu, here are the 3 new pictures i put up last night!

spider building a web


forest fire as seen from plane

'Scorched Earth'

long exposure of steam from a factory

'Venting Spirits'

Hope you enjoy, as always, if you pop by the gallery, don't be shy and sign the guestbook or leave some comments! i always love to hear from you!

see ya next time!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New pictures will be up this weekend!

Hey all,
just wanted to give a quick update, i am working on some new pictures to add to the gallery this weekend! so stay tuned, i will add some links once they are up!

nothing else is really new, my lovely wife got me these a few days ago, so i am playing around with them, i think will make some neat effects with macro photos, water drops and other things.

i am also planning to get an infrared filter soon as well. i have been able to reproduce the effect in post processing sometimes, but i want the real thing :)

in the future, when i upgrade to a new body, i will keep my d80, and get it modified for solely IR use!! but thats a long ways off, unless i win the lottery or sell a lot more prints (hint hint :) )

anyways, i have to work tonight (ugh) and there is lots of cleaning to do around the house, and i need to work out!

also, my condolences go out to the family of my Si-Kung, Grand Master Sunny Tang (Dunn Wah) of Scarborough, whose mother recently passed.

take care everyone

Sunday, March 15, 2009

An update

Hey everyone, so i have had a pretty busy couple of weeks...we went to toronto and dunnville, ontario last weekend to visit my grandmother and my uncle! we had a really good time as always! There is a link in the sidebar to his blog "talking about cancer" that is a very good read. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 7 years ago, he thought he got rid of it, but it came back again. The worst things always happen to the best people. He is such a strong person. it really makes you think about the important things in life and that would be family, friends, and just making the most out of everything.
My aunt and uncle were generous enough to invite us back for a few days around easter! so that will be fun. and that weekend is also my wife's birthday, so it will be a good time. anyways, i am off now, i just got home from a night shift, and need to eat! hopefully there will be some new pictures uploaded to my gallery later this week! stay tuned

to my uncle doug, you are an inspiration! stay strong, we love you very much and will see you soon!


Monday, March 2, 2009

some new pictures up!

hey all!

as you may have noticed, the layout of this page is ever changing. i am trying to match it as closely as possible to my gallery pages so the transition is barely noticeable. i think it is coming along nicely! i am getting a lot of help from Denise Goldberg (website here) who is an avid poster and blog customization expert at Dgrin (the Smugmug users forum). So thanks again Denise!

Well, i have put up some new images to my gallery! a few in the 'Landscape' page and finally a couple in the 'Break from the Norm' page.

be sure to check them out!

an old stone building

'No Escape'

large tree in IR

'Tree of Life'

Morning mist over the lake


Enjoy, and talk to you later


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Been working on my Gallery page

Hey everybody! long time no talk.
things have been crazy around here! new work hours, my sisters wedding in a couple of days, laziness, etc.

but i have been working hard on getting lots of new stuff onto my gallery page. i also lowered the prices about 10-15% for prints in honor of this whole page getting up and running and all that!

so feel free to stop by and check it out, see the contact page if you want to get in touch me! also, leave comments and feedback, i always love hearing some constructive criticism or if one of my pictures caught your eye! here is a few of my faves so far:

black and white leaf, red viens

Dew drop covered Rose

cascading water droplets

thats all for now!
i plan to be working more on this page now that i have my gallery customization pretty much where i want it, so i can now focus on doing some of those things i talked about a long time ago on here, ie: reviews, techniques, etc.

okay, its off to bed, enjoy the pictures and take care

till next time