Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Update and some sunny weather!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give a brief update as to whats going on in my world recently.
Well, the weather is finally turning for the better. I think we are done with the snow (fingers crossed).

I think this summer I am going to be focusing a lot on getting my prints displayed in local venues, small coffee shops etc. I am going to look into local galleries too. I plan on going out some more and exploring the local scenery, I already have a few places in mind and a few visions that I want to see realized on "film" so to speak :)

Hopefully I will get more opportunities to have fun with my Diana camera as well. I have about 3 rolls of film I have yet to develop from awhile back. I like waiting a long time because then its a surprise when you get the shots back! So keep your eyes out for those in the next little while!

I am contributing two prints to be auctioned off to support the Cancer research of an Ottawa doctor, Dr. John Bell (read a bio here). The prints will be sold to support Pedaling Feat. Pedaling Feat are 2 women who are biking across Canada to raise money and awareness for Cancer research. On their journey they will be holding a silent auction where my print will be up for grabs. They have already held one auction on March 27 in Calgary, where my first print was sold and apparently received a lot of positive feedback! Read more on the first silent auction here, (in the first picture, you can see my print in the background! It is "Unlonely" in case you are wondering). Regardless, this is a very worthy cause and one (as you know) that hits close to home! So I encourage you to pop over to their site and have a look through what they are all about, and donate :)!

Okay, let's see, what else is happening. I finally got to experiment with my focusing rail. I put my dead dragonfly to good use and shot a lot of focus stacked shots at high magnifications. I believe they turned out quite well, I have not processed them yet, but I will do so soon and post the shots here for all to see! I don't generally like shots of a dead bug, but this little guy afforded me the opportunity to get some good practice in a controlled environment.

Tomorrow morning I will be making a trip out to some local waterfalls to try out my neutral density filter that cuts out an enormous 10 stops of light!! So we should be seeing some creamy foggy waterfalls.

Well, that's all for right now! Hope you all have a good weekend, and Easter and all that.
Take care