Monday, July 4, 2011

New toy, and finally some night sky photography!

Hey everyone, just a quick one tonight :)

So I got a new toy last week. My old cell phone was dying, so I picked up a Google Nexus S! I love it, it is my first smartphone and I am pretty impressed. I have been playing around with the camera, and it is not too bad! There is a camera app called "Vignette" that is really handy. It has a lot of settings, and can emulate vintage/toy cameras, film, tilt shift, etc all very accurately!

I have started a new gallery on my page aptly titled "Andrography" and it will store selected images I have taken and edited on the phone! So head over there to check it out, and let me know what you think!

Also, I went out of town this past weekend to a place called Orillia, Ontario. It is way out in the boonies, so I lugged along my camera and gear and braved the absurd amount of mosquitoes to attempt some night sky photography! You forget how many stars and how peaceful it is out of the city sometimes. Once my eyes adjusted, I could actually see the milky way! I took a few "decent" shots, but I was disappointed with the whole ordeal. My camera it seems, is not really suited for long exposures. I wanted to try some star trails, and in the resulting pics, there is large spots from where the sensor heated up, turning the image a little purple in the corners. I did manage to get one ok one, and with enough post processing to kill a horse, I got it too look just alright for me :) I think I had too high of hopes. Here it is:

'The Milky Way' © Craig Gosling

Okay, I gotta run, have to work in the morning. As always, stay tuned for some more shots from my phone, plus maybe a more detailed post about that Vignette app. Also, I have a bunch of old shots from my camera that I am working on atm.

Take care