Friday, September 2, 2011

Back home from New Brunswick!

I got home on Tuesday night from a week long vacation in Hillsborough, New Brunswick. The family had an awesome time, we ate a lot of fish and chips, spent a lot of time at the water, and just generally relaxed.

Now I am back to the real world and work and all that fun stuff. :P

But I do have lots of pictures that I took to show everyone! I was able to get away a few times and go exploring and shoot some subjects that I don't get to see around here. Namely lots of water, and very dark skies! I was able to practice some star trails which I have been wanting to do for a long time. Here is the results from that;

I wasn't too concerned with foreground elements and the like, I just wanted to see if I could get it to work. So this is a result of about 2.5 hours "work". Around 100 30 second exposures stacked with 1 dark frame image. I like the result. Next time I think I will get more shots and work on the foreground of the frame.

So I have processed some of the other images as well, I will link some of the ones I am particularly happy with here, and you can check the rest out in my gallery page under the scenics/landscapes and macro sections.

Here is one of my faves from my last morning in New Brunswick. This was shot in Waterside, NB. Once the sunrise burned away the morning fog, the sky turned an amazing blue. I used a B+W 1000x ND filter to get a 30 second exposure to smooth out the waves. Nikon D80 with 10-24mm at 10mm.
'Morning Tide' © Craig Gosling
'Morning Tide'
© Craig Gosling

This Church I had passed by on my back to the house from Waterside. I drove by it because I was in a little bit of a hurry. Then I thought about it and pulled a u-turn. I would have hated to have missed this perfect little church atop a hill. I pictured this one in Black and White and I think it turned it out great! Nikon D80 with 50mm f1.8d
'Lonely Church' © Craig Gosling
'Lonely Church'
© Craig Gosling

This one was also taken in Waterside, NB. I love my 10-24mm lens for how insanely wide it goes. Even if there is no real picture to be taken, I enjoy just looking through the viewfinder sometimes. I had just taken another shot of the water, when I was done I turned around and saw this vast sky and fog coming in on my right. It was such a huge scene I snapped a shot of it. I wasn't sure how it turn out once I got it in the computer, but it worked out well, and gives a sense of the openness of the area. The whole beach area almost looked martian, and you will see that in some of my other pictures too! Nikon D80, 10-24mm @10mm
'Vast' © Craig Gosling
© Craig Gosling

Well, I need to sleep now, there are a couple of others on my gallery to check out as well. I will post some more up here over the weekend I hope!!

Enjoy the long weekend, and leave a comment if you feel like it, or head over to my Google+ page and hit me up over there! (Link is in the right hand sidebar at the top)
See ya


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Craig, I have to admit, I follow your work pretty closely. You are an inspiration to me, a truly amazing photographer. Absolutely gorgeous photos!

CG said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate that!

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glorious photo..!
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